About Us

Rational Pharma is a young consulting company that helps to find the best business partners for In-License and Out-License food supplement, OTC/Rx-drugs, cosmetics, etc.


Established company in Switzerland. Finance Service.


Established company in The Netherlands. Finance Service.


Established Pharma-consultancy department

May 2018

ePay App celebrated their 1000 client?

Our Story

Rational Pharma is a totally new department on Rational Process company. First of all we are an expert in searching partners for B2B and Finance World Wide transactions. Many of our clients already Pharma Companies un term of finance Consultancy and Software development. We feel the increasing demand in licensing and business development across the globe. That’s why we are trying to combine our Knowledge, Networking, Database and Expertise to make companies deals more fast and accurate.


We have a vision to become a comfortable, diversified, transnational, integrated consulting company for pharma industry, with leadership and a strong business conscience.


  1. To provide high quality services with valuable pricing.
  2. Establishing a successful relationship with our customers.
  3. The most passionately referred consultancy in the Pharma and Finance industries.